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[Patent★★] Grand Panel Decision of the Intellectual Property High Court (foreign server issues and contrast with prior case decisions are included)


*Unfair Competition Prevention Act

Unfair Competition Prevention ActA case in which the Intellectual Property High Court held that the “GODZILLA” indication (plaintiff’s indication) is a famous trademark of the appellee (plaintiff), and held that the appellant’s (defendant’s) indication for goods or business “GUZZILLA” (defendant’s indication 1) is similar to the plaintiff’s indication and the use of the defendant’s indication 1 by the appellant falls under Article 2, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and then, the appellant (defendant) has infringed on the plaintiff’s business interests.

Intellectual Property High Court Decision of July 19, 2023 (Case No. 10063 [Ne] 2022―Presiding Judge Shoji)



Simple introduction for many cases.


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