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Nextmark Attorneys

No. of Partners : 2                                                               

No. of Lawyers : 10

Languages : English & Swahili

Offices : Dar es Salaam(HQ)


NexTMark Attorneys is one of the leading African trademark protection firms that specialize in Trademark Protection. We provide Trademark services, including but not limited to Trademark Registration, Prosecution, Renewal, Assignment, Trademark monitoring, and all other Trademark related Services, in Africa.


Our main focus is to do all of the hard-legal work for business and brand owners, and to provide cost-effective Trademark solutions for our clients, and other Trademark related services.


We have extensive experience in Intellectual Property (IP) law, with a special focus on trademark registration, protection, and management. We have a combined twenty-plus years of experience, during which we have successfully registered and managed several trademarks for our clients.


With our extensive experience and strategic network of associates in every African nation, NEXTMARK ATTORNEYS is uniquely positioned to protect and maximize the value of your intellectual property assets. We believe that our unparalleled experience, extensive network of associates, and competitive pricing make us the ideal choice for your intellectual property needs on the continent.

AddressSamora Tower Building, 10th Floor 10 Bridge St, Samora Avenue, Posta Dar es Salaam TZ, 77124
Tel255-7389 12597
Contact PersonGodfrey Mathias