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Arkoulis IP S. de R.L.

No. of Partners : 2 

No. of Lawyers : 3

Languages : Spanish / English/ German/ French/ Italian/ Mandarin/ Greek

Offices : 1


We have established solid strategic alliances in Central and South America, creating a robust network of collaboration that allows us to serve the needs of our clients globally, with special attention to markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.


Our strategic vision is to position ourselves as a leading firm in outsourcing services and products, consolidating our presence as a benchmark of excellence on the international scene. To achieve this, we are committed to strengthening our connections and creating solid legal nodes that guarantee efficiency and compliance with the highest standards in the provision of our services.


In short, our mission is to provide our clients around the world with the best possible experience, characterized by commitment, efficiency and the relentless pursuit of excellence in every service we offer.


AddressColonia San Ignacio, Edificio Acacias, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Tel49-176-7050 9087
Contact PersonEngels Nikolaos Sanchez Arkoulis

  • Sarai Arkoulis

    Sarai Arkoulis

    Title : Founding Partner
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  • Janely Fonseca

    Janely Fonseca

    Title : Intellectual Property & Entertainment Law
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  • Luis Carlos Acosta

    Luis Carlos Acosta

    Title : Sports & Corporate Law
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