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Hugo Silva & Maldonado Global

No. of Partners : 4

No. of Lawyers : 4

Languages : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Offices : 2


Our Law Office has been founded more than twenty-five years ago. At that time, some of our present attorneys, lawyers and engineers were already acting in the area for more than twenty years before, summing up the knowledge and experience all this time long.


We cover all fields of Intellectual Property, mainly Biotechnology, Engineering – Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Mining – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medical Devices etc. Our technical attorneys, biologists, engineers and translators daily work with hundreds of applications of these types for several years and have extensive professional experience. Besides, all the partners review all the work developed by people. We have thousands of cases filed in these specific technological areas instructed by Companies and Law Offices of all sizes, since big, transnational corporations to startups from China, Japan, Korea, Australia, US, Germany, United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Canada and Brazil, what much honors us and whom we have great pleasure in delivering services to.


We are prepared to enter Brazilian phase from one day to other; depending on the day time, on the very same day.

We are used to well prosecute Patent Applications, Trademark Applications, Industrial Design Applications Trade Dress, Domain Names, Copyrights etc., covering all IP area.


We have extensive experience in IP field, where we act continuously since 1974. To render you services in Brazil (and Latin America) will be a great honor and pleasure for us. Hopefully it will also be interesting and convenient for you.


Several of our Clients send us cases to be filed simultaneously in Brazil and other Latin American countries (like Mexico, Colombia, Chile etc.). Besides taking care of the cases to be filed directly in Brazil, we coordinate the filing in those countries through renown local attorneys who will send us respective results, re-sent then to the Clients. This simplifies and coordinates the statuses of several cases in different Latin American countries, Brazil included.


We cordially invite you to send us your requests in the IP area and Business Law through which we will deliver to you high quality services at very comfortable prices.



Dr. Hugo Silva

Education – Chemical Engineer; Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal, 1967); Attorney at Law (Brazil, 1984).

Languages – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

Practice – Admitted in Brazil (1974). Patents, trademarks, designs, litigation, prosecution, licensing.

Hugo is the managing partner in charge of the firm’s policies, case management and client connection. He is also involved in patent prosecution and litigation matters.


Dr. Lúcia Maldonado

Education – Attorney at Law; Candido Mendes University, LL.B. (1997).

Languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese.

Practice – Admitted in Brazil (1997).

Lucia is in charge of consultant’s coordination, paralegal management in the fields of patents, trademarks, designs, transfer of technology, prosecution, licensing and litigation, and general office management, including deadline compliance, accounting matters and other relevant matters.


Dr. Pedro Maldonado

Education – Attorney at Law; Candido Mendes University, LL.B. (2003) LL.M. Civil Procedure (2004); MBA Public Law (2005).

Languages – English, French, Portuguese.

Practice – Admitted in Brazil (2003). Civil and criminal litigation, appellate practice, patent infringement, unfair competition.

Pedro is responsible for the litigation department and trademark prosecution, oppositions, transfer and assignment of IP property rights. He has obtained a consistent record of favourable decisions in challenging cases not only at Trademark Board but also in Lower and Appeal Courts.


Dr. Eduardo Silva

Education – Attorney at Law; Rio de Janeiro State University, LL.B. (Brazil 1996) LL.M. Intellectual Property, University of New Hampshire School of Law (U.S.A, 1998).

Languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese.

Practice – Admitted in Brazil (1996). Patents, trademarks, designs, prosecution, litigation, licensing.

Eduardo has been involved in case management, foreign client development and general overview of the prosecution matters.


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Contact PersonDr. Hugo Silva