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Kenfox (Lao) IP Service Co., Ltd.

No. of Partners : 2

No. of Lawyers : 2

Languages : English, Vietnam

Offices : Vientiane, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam



Since its establishment in 2010, KENFOX IP & Law Office has become one of the most respected and leading IP firms in Laos. We are consistently ranked Tier 1 in Patent and Trademark, and in 2023, we were honored with the Asia IP Award for Patent in Laos. Additionally, our firm was named Laos IP Firm of the Year by Asia IP Awards for 2019-2021.


Our practice areas include intellectual property rights, litigation and dispute resolution, commercial law, and other legal services. We have been trailblazers in trademark, patent, IP confirmation, and both administrative and judicial IP protection. Our team of high-caliber lawyers and sharp IP experts is dedicated to protecting your legal rights with efficiency and integrity.


With over a decade of litigation experience, KENFOX IP & Law Office has built strong relationships with various governing bodies in Laos, enabling us to effectively assist clients in IPR protection. We have a proven track record of collaborating with law enforcement agencies and police investigators to conduct raids, resulting in the seizure of hundreds of thousands of counterfeit products.


At KENFOX IP & Law Office, you will find the expertise, experience, and professionals needed to handle all aspects of law, both domestically and internationally. We are the trusted partner of many multinational and international enterprises, helping them develop strategic decisions and secure their interests in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.


Our firm is highly regarded for its strong reputation in intellectual property and litigation. Our attorneys are distinguished by their extensive experience and success in assisting leading international and domestic corporations with IP prosecution and enforcement in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and beyond.




  • “Counsel – this is an excellent summary of the circumstances and incredibly helpful.  We are so appreciative of your excellent and prompt and comprehensive help”
  • “Our team greatly appreciates working with you”
  • “We will do as KENFOX suggests. As long as our company exists, only KENFOX is working as a partner”.


Key clients


OPPO, Media, TCL, UCB, Amway, SICPA, Grabtaxi, BAYER, Bose Corporation


Work highlights


  • Provided legal counsel to a Chinese company on a trademark infringement case in Laos.
  • Successfully appealed the Lao Department of Intellectual Property's refusal of a trademark application for a globally renowned company.
  • Filed an invalidation request with the Lao DIP against a trademark registration made in bad faith.


1. What do you see as the main points that differentiate KENFOX from others?


Recognized as one of the most professional IP law firms in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, KENFOX IP & Law Office can be distinguished from others in the following aspects:


[i] Regional expertise and local presence: KENFOX has a strong local presence and deep understanding of the IP landscapes in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Our regional expertise allows us to handle the specific legal complexities and regulatory requirements of each country, providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.


[ii] Exceptional legal expertise: Our attorneys and lawyers are highly proficient in their respective legal fields. Many of our senior lawyers have dedicated over 15 years to serving the same client accounts. Their expertise is continually enhanced through collaborative teamwork and our corporate management structure.


[iii] Comprehensive legal services: We offer a full range of IP services, from registration and enforcement to litigation and advisory. Whether it's patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets, KENFOX handles all aspects of IP protection, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive support throughout the entire IP lifecycle.


[iv] Competitive pricing: We provide competitive and flexible pricing structures that provide excellent value for the high-quality services we deliver. Our goal is to make top-tier IP protection accessible to businesses of all sizes.


2. What emerging trends do you foresee in the IP landscape in Laos over the next 12 months, and what factors are driving these changes?


While intellectual property protection in Laos has historically been weak, there has been a steady improvement over the years. The comprehensive revision of the Law on Intellectual Property in 2011 and subsequent amendments in 2017 demonstrate the country’s commitment to enhancing its IP regime. One of the key emerging trends in the next 12 months will be the focus on addressing online infringement issues. The authorities are increasingly concentrating on tackling these challenges, and further regulatory provisions related to the new IP Law may clarify procedures and address specific concerns.


To effectively implement and enforce the new IP Law, Laos is expected to streamline administrative procedures, raise awareness among businesses and creators, and ensure that intellectual property rights are respected. By providing clear guidelines for enforcement and addressing online infringement challenges, Laos can significantly strengthen its IP protection mechanism These efforts are driven by the need to adapt to the evolving digital landscape and the growing importance of protecting IP in an interconnected world.


3. Can you provide a practical example of how KENFOX IP & Law Office has added value to a client's business in Laos?


Our client, a globally renowned technology company, faced a significant hurdle when the Lao Department of Intellectual Property (Lao DIP) refused their trademark application for a new brand in Laos. The refusal was based on perceived similarities with an existing local trademark, which could potentially cause confusion among consumers.


[1] Background


Our client is a leader in innovative technology solutions and has a strong presence in numerous international markets. Expanding their new brand into Laos was a strategic move to enhance their market footprint in Southeast Asia. However, the refusal by Lao DIP posed a major obstacle to their expansion plans.


[2] Challenges


The Lao Department of Intellectual Property (Lao DIP) refused our client’s trademark application, citing its similarity to a pre-existing local trademark. This refusal posed a significant threat to our client’s plans to launch their new line of products in Laos, potentially delaying their market entry and affecting their competitive edge. Protecting the new brand was crucial to maintaining the client's global brand consistency and recognition.


[3] Our strategic approach


KENFOX IP & Law Office was engaged to handle the appeal process. Our strategic approach involved:


  • We gathered extensive evidence of the distinctiveness and global recognition of our client's brand, including market studies, consumer surveys, and proof of international registrations and use.
  • We then prepared a robust legal argument to demonstrate that the new trademark was sufficiently distinctive and unlikely to cause confusion with the existing local trademark.
  • Additionally, we engaged in constructive discussions with Lao DIP officials to clarify the distinctiveness of our client's brand and address their concerns.


[4] Outcome


Our meticulous preparation and strategic advocacy led to the successful appeal of the Lao DIP’s refusal decision. The trademark was granted registration in Laos.


The successful appeal had significant positive implications for our client. They were able to proceed with their product launch in Laos, entering the market as planned and gaining a competitive advantage. This victory ensured the protection and consistency of the new brand across international markets, maintaining their global brand integrity. Additionally, securing the trademark registration facilitated our client’s business expansion in Southeast Asia, contributing to increased brand recognition and revenue growth.


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