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Attorneys in Tilleke & Gibbins’ regulatory affairs team have produced the Cannabis and Hemp Business Guide – Thailand, a primer on the rapidly developing cannabis industry in Thailand.

Cannabis (both marijuana and hemp) has been classified as a category 5 narcotic under the Narcotics Act since 1979. All activities related to the plants and their derivatives had been very much restricted until the recent rise of the cannabis legalization movement—its first milestone being Amendment (No.7) to the Narcotics Act, effective since February 19, 2019. The Thai government has since been working to reclassify the products and lay out the regulatory pathways to accommodate these new “economic plants.”

The guide walks readers through all the key developments as well the expected timeline for future changes to the regulatory regime for cannabis and hemp. Also featured are a table detailing the regulatory status of 14 categories of cannabis-related products; overviews of cultivation, importation, and production activities; and intellectual property concerns related to cannabis-derived products.

The guide was written by Alan Adcock, partner and deputy director of the firm’s intellectual property practice; Atthachai Homhuan, manager, regulatory affairs; and San Chaithiraphant, attorney-at-law in Tilleke & Gibbins’ intellectual property group.

The full guide is available as a PDF below.


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