New Trademark Requirements for Imported Fashion Goods

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The Indonesian Government is serious about IP protection in the Republic. Promulgated on March 10, 2024, through the Revision of Regulation of the Ministry of Industry No. 5 of the Year 2024, the Indonesian Government now mandates a trademark registration certificate for all importers when they submit an import permit, particularly the General Import Permit for Consumption (API-U) or permits for importers who are importing goods for trading.

According to the regulation, it is mandatory for an importer submitting API-U to provide the following documents:

  1. A Trademark Certificate issued by DGIP or the IP Office of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Evidence of a recorded License Agreement, Sublicense, and/or Letter of Appointment from the Trademark Owner to the Authorized Representative.
  3. A Letter of Appointment to Import from the Trademark Owner or Authorized Representative.


To be more specific, these documents are required by importers with API-U who are importing fashion products such as textiles, textile products, bags, and footwear.


Since the implementation of this regulation, it has become an additional requirement for business owners to diligently check their trademark protection in Indonesia. It is advisable to possess the trademark registration well before engaging in business, as the smooth process for trademark application for registration typically takes 8 to 10 months.


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