No. of Partners : 3

No. of Lawyers : 3

Languages : Vietnamese, English

Offices : Hanoi, Vietnam

Established in 2013, HAIHAN IP LAW FIRM has been contributing to the IP network as a diligent firm with quality services in its jurisdictions including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The firm has been growing with the increasing number of patent, trademark and industrial design filings thanks to the great entrustment of clients. The firm leaders keep in mind that the increasing number annually is not its target but the quality of the results of the work is what the firm wishes to non-stop take care.

Staff: The firm has 12 full-time staff.

Most of staff has been working at the firm since its foundation of 2013. The firm does not have a crowded team but every staff has a unity of mind to develop.

The representative is Mr. Nguyen Van Hai who has attended many INTA meetings since 2007 and he is always very keen to care for every IP case to an end.

The firm is proud of sending 02 staff to Japan for training since early 2021 and these staff will come back the firm in 2023.

Outstanding services:

- Patent search: HAIHAN IP LAW FIRM has accomplished varied patent FTO searches and regular patent searches by IPCs, keywords, subject-matters, etc. With its own up-to-date database, the firm is ready to assist clients to have the most correct search results. In addition, the experienced patent attorneys of the firm can give valuable advice for clients after each patent search.

- Patent prosecution: the firm has prosecuted thousands of patent cases. Its distinctive patent service is shown at the possibility of acceleration of the patent examination. As the general patent procedure takes about 4-5 years, the firm is always aware of business chance of clients and takes much actions regarding the patent acceleration to reduce almost half time of the regular prosecutions.

- Trademark search: The firm’s trademark team can provide clients with the most reliable trademark search result based on its up-to-date database. Its priority is to do prior searches to maximize the grant possibility for trademarks.

- Trademark filing and prosecution: The firm has its own IP software to monitor every procedure of a trademark case so that clients can be free of concerns when sending trademark cases to HAIHAN IP LAW FIRM.

- Industrial design: the firm has skilful technical staff to assist clients to adjust drawings/photos to be compatible to design practice before filing.

- Dispute resolution: the firm can work with market controllers, economic polices and inspectorates to assist clients to take raid actions against infringements. In addition, procedures such as sending warning letters, customs recordal or investigations are well handled by the firm.


HAIHAN IP LAW FIRM is a member of Vietnam Intellectual Property Association (VIPA), INTA and APAA.

Address 12A Floor, Center Building Hapulico Complex, No. 1 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Tel 84-24-3202 8111, 84-24-3202 8222
Fax 84-24-3202 8333
Contact Person Nguyen Van Hai
Email hh@haihan.vn
Jurisdiction Vietnam
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